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Christmas Tree Decorating is not an exact science but more of an art. There are no fixed rules. Unfortunately, one size does not fit all, but this guide can be used to loosely help instruct you, the designer, on how many of each item you may need for your project. Remember, a lot of people start with light coverage and add to their tree every year until they achieve the desired look.  

It is up to you to decide what look you like best. Some choose to incorporate more ornaments than sprays and stems and vice versa. Also, ribbon is a great space filler. And you will need to keep in mind how much ribbon you want to use in your tree when choosing ornaments, stems, and sprays. 

You will need to make adjustments to this guide based on whether you are filling up the entire tree/all sides or if you are only filling up 3/4 of the tree because only 3/4 of the tree is showing due to it being in a corner location. 


How many ornaments do I need to decorate ALL SIDES of my tree? Ornaments can be anything other than a spray or stem. Mix and Match. Ornaments could include birds, ball ornaments, character ornaments, and more. Use 3/4 of the total below if you are only decorating 3/4 of your tree with the back in a corner. You may also consider using less than the amount below if you want to use more sprays and stems in place of ornaments. Keep in mind, if you are ordering ornaments larger than 10 inches, you don't need as many of them to fill up the same amount of space. 

Tree Height Light coverage where you can still see the tree. Keep in mind how many stems and sprays you want to use.  Heavy coverage where most of the tree is covered. Also known as, the "David Christopher's Way."  Ornament Sizes 
6.5 ft 70 pieces 100 pieces 4-10 in
7.5 ft 105 pieces 135 pieces 4-10 in 
9-10 ft 180 pieces 215 pieces 4-10 in 



How many Sprays/Stems do I need to decorate ALL SIDES of my tree? Feel free to mix and match. The below are estimated totals depending on your tree size. You may decide you want to use more ornaments in place of stems and sprays. Each tree we design is different, and we don't use the same formula for all of our trees. Use what makes you happy.

Tree Height Light coverage where you can still see the tree. Keep in mind how many ornaments you want to use.  Heavy coverage where most of the tree is covered. Also known as, the the "David Christopher's Way."  Spray/Stem Sizes 
6.5 ft 35 pieces 50 pieces 7-48 in 
7.5 ft 45 pieces 60 pieces 7-48 in 
9-10 ft 60 pieces 75 pieces  7-48 in 



How many rolls of ribbon do you I need to decorate my ENTIRE tree? The amount of ribbon depends on the tree's width and your technique. It also depends on if you want enough ribbon to make a bow as a tree topper, or if you are only wanting to weave the ribbon throughout your tree. The guide below is intended to help you have enough ribbon to weave throughout your tree. We suggest starting with 3 yards of ribbon for every foot of tree. For example, you will need around 22.5 yards for a standard Christmas tree. Adjust the length based on whether you want streamers and if you are planning to tuck the ribbon into the tree versus allowing it to cascade down the tree. 

All of our ribbon is wired and sold in 10 yards unless otherwise noted in the description. 

Tree Height Ribbon Length
6.5 ft 19.5 yards 
7.5 ft 22.5 yards 
9-10 ft 27-30 yards


Please let us know if you have any questions. Call or text 256-389-9424 or email us at shop@davidchristophers.com. We will be happy to build a cart for you based on your tree and the theme you want and email it to you for purchase.