We plan to have Christmas out in the store by October 25th! Orders placed online will be shipping within 5-7 business days due to heavy order volume. Once in transit, shipping times vary by carrier.


  • Trusting the Master Designer During the Process

    David has completed a lot of design jobs over the years. Too many for me to count. He always visits with our client and comes up with a master plan. He can envision how the whole project should look in the end. He is a visionary, always able to imagine what a space will look like when it's complete. He picks out paint colors, countertops, appliances, furniture, lighting, decides where power supplies are going to go and what plumbing works needs to be done to make the project work. 
  • Taken Down a Notch: A Story of Two Bows

    By Jennifer Smith    I can do most things, to some degree, that I set my mind to. Maybe it's because my parents always told me I could, and I ...
  • Jennifer's Book Release Coming Soon

    In January of 2019, Jennifer started writing a book about business ownership. Little did she know, the business she owns with husband, David, would...
  • Help Us Give Thanks

    In Luke 17: 11-17 (AMP),  we see the story of the 10 Lepers: 1 While Jesus was on the way to Jerusalem, He was passing [along the border] between S...
  • Fireworks & Freedom

    It's the Fourth of July. Woohoo! This means an off day for our David Christopher's family. Except a few of our DC crew had to meet early this morni...
  • Update Since the Flood at David Christopher's

    The Flood Changed Things.  When our store flooded in February, we were in disbelief. It was terribly sad to see so much of our hard work a disastro...
  • Let Us Help You Create a Gift Basket

    Creating a gift basket can be pretty simple--except who still uses baskets? We have galvanized metal containers and other unique alternatives to ba...
  • Dancing in the New Year at David Christopher's

    We're dancing in 2019 the right way. Check out our awesome moves. Dance along if you feel like it. :D 
  • David's Son, Isaiah, Shows Us How To Fluff Garland

    How To Fluff Your Garland. A lot of people aren't sure how to make their garland look good during the holidays. David's son, Isaiah, wanted to do a...
  • Garland For Days

    Adding garland to your stair railing can make a stunning Christmas impression. Check out this video of garland and ribbon in this beautiful home. 
  • How a Business was Born

    Like all businesses, our business has a story. To tell this story, we have to start in year 1974 when Lava Lamps, Platform Shoes, Abba and Charlie's Angels were all the rave. Our story begins in Central, Alabama with two main characters, Ricky and Kathy Smith.