Trusting the Master Designer During the Process

David has completed a lot of design jobs over the years. Too many for me to count. He always visits with our client and comes up with a master plan. He can envision how the whole project should look in the end. He is a visionary, always able to imagine what a space will look like when it's complete. He picks out paint colors, countertops, appliances, furniture, lighting, decides where power supplies are going to go and what plumbing works needs to be done to make the project work. 
He shows drawings, paint samples, fabric swatches, and pictures to his clients hoping they are able to catch his vision for the job. He always wants them to be pleased with the end product. He wants them to have what they want. Their happiness is important to him.
Sometimes, it can be very hard, as a client, to see what he sees in his mind. The clients are usually in their home watching the process unfold. Watching the process can be brutally painful. The client sees walls come down, holes knocked in new places, dirt, dust, and a big mess. The client will see the undone, the unfinished, and the unsettling. David has to continuously reassure them that he will take care of it, that he will make it work, that his vision will reach completion.
David is the only person on the job with the complete picture. You see, the cabinet maker has the cabinet plans, but he doesn't necessarily know or care what color they are going to be or what the countertops are going to look like. The painter knows what colors to paint the walls and trim, but it is not his job to know if the appliances are going in the right places. But it takes everyone working together to make the plan work. And it takes a great deal of trust from the client. 
Do y'all know where I am going with this?
If we serve God, the Master Planner, we have to trust His vision and His plan. We have to trust the moving parts and be willing to shift and adjust to His plan to make sure His vision is accomplished. When we look out and see a mess, we have to look up and know that He is working. He is working to put it all back together. He is tearing out and renovating hearts and minds. He is creating and cultivating newness, freshness, and a space in which we can live life to the fullest.
Let's not focus on the mess we see in the process, but let's catch the vision of the Designer and trust in Him to make it all beautiful in His time and when all of His pieces are put into place. 
With Love and Light,